Private Persons

Every year, we help dozens of private persons with filling their tax returns or with other requests from the state.

Services for Private Persons

Tax Return

Each year, who receives a salary, pension or disability benefit receives a tax return.

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Child benefit

Help to cover the costs of raising a child or if you are a single parent.

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Unemployment benefit

You may apply if your are wholly unemployed or have reduced work hours.

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Relocation notice

If you're moving in or outside of Norway, you must always notify the National Population Register. 

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Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account in Norway has many advantages.

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Use of foreign-registered vehicle in Norway

If you intend using a foreign-registered company car in Norway, you must apply for a driving permit.

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Sickness benefit & Helfo card

Sickness benefit can replace your income when you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

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Pension application

You may apply if you have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme for at least 5 years

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Norwegian ID number

Which identification number you receive as a foreign person depends on your residence permit.

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The Norwegian tax system is based on the principle that everybody pays tax according to their means.  This applies not only for private persons, but companies as well. Anyone with income in Norway is obliged to pay taxes, but which gives rights to the good social system Norway offers to its taxpayers. The taxes we pay on public services such as health services (hospitals, nursing homes), education (schools, colleges, universities) transport and communications (roads, railways, airports). Taxes constitute the main income for the public sector in Norway. In addition to covering common expenses, taxes will contribute to greater equality between individuals.

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