The Norwegian HSE card is required for construction – and cleaning services workers. Our team at TECLA will help you go through this process effortlessly.

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Everyone who performs work on construction sites as well as cleaning services (including both Norwegian and foreign workers) must have a HSE card. The HSE card identifies the company you work for and who you are. All employers in cleaning and construction services who are approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority must provide their employees with HSE cards.

HSE card in building and construction

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that anyone who carries out work on building and construction sites has a valid HSE card.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway supervise the scheme.

Employees must wear their HSE card so that it is clearly visible. Upon request, the card must be shown to:

  • the Norwegian Labour Inspectorate, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, the Norwegian Tax Administration and the police
  • safety representatives and regional safety representatives
  • construction clients, construction clients’ representatives
  • the coordinator for health, safety and the environment (in accordance with the Construction Client Regulations)
  • the company responsible for coordinating safety measures

An employer which does not have an HSE card for its employees will be ordered to obtain such cards by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in the event of an inspection.

If the employer fails to comply with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s order, operations may be suspended by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority until HSE cards have been obtained. The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority can also impose a penalty for such violation. Certain serious cases will be reported to the police.

Employers may be penalised if HSE cards are transferred to others or falsified.

All those who work at building and construction sites must have a valid HSE card. There is no ban on working during the application period before the HSE card has been received, but the employer must be able to document that the HSE card has been ordered.

All employees that carry out work on building and construction sites, including:

  • Foreign employees employed by foreign companies on assignments at building and construction sites in Norway. This also applies to short-term assignments.
  • Sole proprietorships (including those who run the proprietorship alone).
  • Hired workers. It is the staffing enterprise (the employer) which is responsible for ensuring that these workers are provided with an HSE card.
  • Employees who perform support functions such as canteen operation when they are permanently established inside the site perimeter. Cleaners must have HSE cards for cleaning companies instead of HSE cards for the building and construction industry.
  • People who regularly transport goods to building and construction sites.

HSE card for cleaning services

All companies that fully or partly provide cleaning services, are required to equip all employees performing cleaning work with HSE cards from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The HSE card shows which company you work for and who you are. The card shall be carried visibly at work. The requirement regarding HSE cards also applies to sole proprietorships. Companies that hire out employees for cleaning work are also obliged to provide their workers with HSE cards.

Only HSE cards issued on behalf of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority are valid. An employer applies for HSE card for its employees. An HSE card must be applied for all employees who perform cleaning work, one card for each employment relationship. Cleaners who are employed in several places must have HSE cards from every company in which they are employed. The employer is obliged to verify the employee’s identity before submitting an application for an HSE card. Employees must be registered in all relevant registers before they can receive an HSE card. If the employee is already registered and you want to apply for HSE card, we kindly ask you to provide us the necessary information with the form bellow.

Only when the company has an HSE card for all its cleaners it will receive final status as approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. When the company hires new cleaners, HSE cards must be ordered for them.

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