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At TECLA Accounting Norway AS, we understand the complexities of the different company structures, tax legislation and all other required obligations. Due to our extensive experience in this area, we are able to provide advice as well as completing many accounting related services for your specific business requirements.  We can also work with your chosen software package or recommend the best software for you to use to suit your business.


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What is your preferred software ? And how can we help you to use it?

We have experience using multiple accounting software solutions.  We know how they work, can get you started quickly and can also show you how to get the most out of these software solutions.

Below is an overview of the major accounting software solution options.


4.8 Rated on Google Play / Apple store

Starting in 1998, Poweroffice has 140 000+ active users and 50 000+ satisfied customers.  Poweroffice has quickly became one of the most popular accounting solutions in Norway.  It offers many different options and settings, integration with banks and other systems, real-time financial automation, automated payrolls and a mobile app to support you.

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Opus Dental

4.7 Rated on Google Play / Apple store

Opus Dental is the most widespread practice management solution in the Nordic countries for Dental practices. The software has more than 15,000 users in over 3,500 clinics. The comprehensive Opus Dental practice management solution includes an illustrative dental status, an easily configurable appointment book, recall functions and a versatile invoicing module with all necessary patient printouts.

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4.6 Rated on Google Play / Apple store

Founded in 2002, Tripletex is a user-friendly accounting solution assisting small businesses to simplify their workload. With flexible solutions relating to payroll, time keeping, resource planning, invoicing, cash register system, budgeting and many more.

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Visma eAccounting

4.1 Rated on Google Play / Apple store

Visma eAccounting is an online accounting solution designed to help your small business start, run and grow like a pro. It has good setup for starting businesses, like simplified bookkeeping with booking suggestions, easy ways to register supplier invoices and receipts and automatic handing of invoices, so you can fully focus on your business without worrying about accounting bureaucracy.

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4.5 Rated on Google Play / Apple store

In Fiken you will not find credit and debit, but purchases and sales. Take a picture of your receipts, and Fiken will interpret them for you. Fiken also collects the bank statement from your bank, and make suggestions for accounting. It has a very user-friendly communication, so you are never far from the solution of your problem.

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4.6 Rated on Google Play / Apple store

Conta has over 110 000 users in Norway. It allows you to send and receive EHF, and send eFaktura with Vipps. The payments are registered by themselves with KID. You can also pay invoices at the same time as you post without logging in to the online bank.

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