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Over 96% of Norwegian dentists use Opus Dental as their main record system

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Up until today, the Opus Dental series does not have an own solution of exchanging and syncing daily or monthly statements with other external accounting systems. This means that bookkeeping itself becomes more challenging and time-consuming for both accountants and dentists.

Omnii Helse wants to streamline the dental health industry in Norway by automating the process of obtaining and reporting daily and monthly settlements against digital accounting systems. This service has been developed in close collaboration with accountants and dentists in order to offer an affordable, high-quality and highly desired solution for this industry.

Easy transfer of your Opus account

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Plan better by creating tasks for periods you want to obtain accounting data. Together with the dentist, the accountant can decide what time of day the settlement is to be sent from the clinic.

If there have been changes in the period to be booked (eg Helfo payments), you can easily obtain the new changes both automatically and manually.

Why Omnii Helse

Helps to automate your daily and monthly settlements from Opus Dental to digital accounting systems

Benefits of using Omnii Helse solution

Smoother collaboration between accountant and dentist.
Stay profitable and worry-free with automated settlements transfer from Opus Dental
Integration with the eight most popular accounting systems
Amazing support and customer care
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