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Unemployment benefit for EEA citizens

Unemployment benefit when unemployed represents partial compensation for loss of income and is intended to help you to find and keep a job.

EEA citizens having some connection with working life in Norway by working here for a certain period of time and paying tax as employees, may submit claims for Norwegian unemployment benefit.

The specific requirement is that the person concerned must prove that he/she has been unemployed in Norway. Furthermore, the person must complete the general requirements for entitlement to unemployment benefit in Norway. Any unemployment benefit rights earned in an other EEA country can then be taken as basis for assessing the admission condition for minimum income, and for calculating the rate of unemployment benefit. Basic labour requirements also apply to the Nordic countries, with the exception of job seekers who in the course of the last five years prior to the application for unemployment benefit have earned the right to or have received unemployment benefit in Norway; see Nordic Convention on social security.

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