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Tax return

The Norwegian tax system is based on the principle that everybody pays tax according to their means. Taxes comprise the main income for the public sector in Norway. The taxes that we pay are spent on public services such as healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes) education (schools, colleges, universities) transport and communications (roads, railways, airports). In addition to covering joint expenses, taxes are designed to contribute to greater equality between individuals. This means that anyone with income in Norway is obliged to pay taxes, but which gives rights to the good social system Norway offers to its taxpayers.

What we do for you

  • Submit the tax return

    All employees in Norway must provide the tax authorities with information regarding income, assets and income deductions in order that the correct amount of tax may be calculated. You must check your tax return before the final submission date, which is 30 April.

  • Receive a tax settlement

    When your tax return has been processed, you will receive a tax settlement. Money will be paid out to you if you have paid too much tax. You must pay any remaining amount that you owe if you have paid too little tax. You will receive your tax settlement in June or in October.

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